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5 Ways To Increase The Value of Your House

There are a lot of creative methods that you can use to increase the value of your house, rental or even holiday property. Some of these may involve a heavier budget, but there a few quick fixes that you can employ for you to be able to get a higher value at a lower cost.

Your Garden
The façade of your house forms the first part of a buyer’s or a realtors’ first impression and in a sense, it’s one of the first areas that you should put some time and effort on. Having a kept garden, free from broken pots and litter, immediately shows the buyer that you care about every aspect of the house. A good lawn, combined with great potted plants – which you can easily transplant or buy at a discount – adds a certain flair to your garden. Also, make sure that the outdoor furniture that you have on display is in good condition, this includes lawn chairs and patio ornaments.

Extending your house either laterally or vertically always adds value according to a number of professional realtors. However, this can always be an expensive project to start and can be quite difficult if you are space constrained. If the budget permits and you are space constrained, you can opt to add a second floor. Lateral extensions can be in the form of a new guest room or a pseudo reading room that doesn’t even have to be fully furnished saving you money on costs.

Your Kitchen Can Make The Difference
If you do not have the budget to make massive improvements then you should concentrate on the kitchen if your budget permits it. The kitchen is one of the most over-utilized portions of the house. It’s used for cooking meals, having them and even light conversations. Make sure that the kitchen workspace is ample enough to accommodate the preparation of a good meal and that everything is in working order.

A Fresh Coat of Paint
Paint can revitalize the “mood” of any house and it comes with many benefits. It gives the appearance of a cleaner and well-maintained home and you can utilize it to emphasize the theme of the house.

Don’t Forget The Small Details
Potential buyers and people, in general, nitpick at the smallest details and sometimes something minute can really sway the deal into any corner. Ask a friend to visit the house and point out small irregularities that could put them off buying the house; it could be a dirty light switch, a creaky cabinet door, or perhaps something wrong with the bathroom mirror. These little things add up to the greater scheme of things.

Hopefully, these tips help you add a little more value to your house, as you can see it does not have to be so hard. Simply keeping the house in clean working order helps in most cases, and some fixes can be done in just a day. If in doubt, get a new set of eyes to have a look through the place.

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