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Apartment Design Tips for Limited Space

Not many of us can afford large living spaces, especially when we’re first starting out and trying to make it in the world. However, make no mistake, a small space does not have to be an ugly cramped space, there are a lot of things that you can do spice up your living space. Sometimes less is indeed more!

Furniture Will Make The Difference
Looking at improving the look of any living space? Then, furniture has to be at the top of your list. Opt for smaller pieces of furniture that can blend well with the theme of your apartment and can easily be adjusted to meet any purpose. If you can find an ottoman that doubles as an apothecary then go for it, which leads us to our next point…

Think Storage
You’ll own many things in your lifetime, but one thing that most people don’t consider is storage. A small apartment can easily turn into a cramped apartment if you don’t plan your storage solutions ahead. Get furniture that can double as storage compartments, some furniture sellers have beds that offer plenty of storage space (and even drawers,) utilize cabinets well, and always have plenty of hidden storage solutions available.

This should be relatively easy once you have a number of storage solutions and it also gives the impression of a bigger space. Stop your hoarding habits, clean up after yourself routinely, hide those wires neatly, and stop leaving clutter behind you. As soon as you are able to do this you will find that it feels easier to navigate through your apartment and you have enough space for everything …including visitors.

Go Up!
Your limit for space usually ends laterally, but never be afraid to look up and take advantage of the room you have on your walls. Add some shelves or storage spaces to liven up the place and give it character, whilst at the same time taking advantage of the extra space.

Color It Up
Color allows you to express yourself and your place, but it also allows for a certain space to feel bigger, light pastel colors can easily brighten up your mood as much as allow your space to feel as if it’s somewhat bigger. Experiment with different color palettes before you start painting your entire living space.

Make It Cozy
Small spaces are appealing because they are cozy so take advantage of this “small space strength” and work on making your place as comfortable as possible.

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