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Pest Proofing Your Home

Nobody likes pests. Whether it is vermin, roaches or termites, they aren’t cuddly enough to be kept as pets and their presence usually spells trouble. Do you have a pest problem developing in your humble abode or do you want to avoid pests in general? By following these simple tips you can get rid of these nuisances and ensure your house is pest free.

Entry Points have to be Secure
Have a good look at your home; is it well insulated from the outside world? Are there tiny cracks anywhere that can serve as passageways for pests? If there are then you should start sealing them off. Usually one of the best ways to prevent an infestation is by ensuring that there is no entry point to your home. Another benefit of checking for entryways is that you can also ensure that your home is thoroughly thermally insulated in the process.

Clean Up After Yourself
One of the leading causes of pests is leftover food or unkempt living spaces. Mice, spiders and even wasps lurk looking for food that they scavenge of off. By ensuring that all refuse is taken care of at the end of the day, you can reduce the likelihood of being invaded. If you have carpets that you should try to keep a strict vacuuming regimen every week.

Leaks Can Be A Culprit
You might have a busted pipe anywhere in the house, but a leaky one can cause the same amount of damage. Insects and pests need water to survive and having water lying in a pool somewhere spells out bad news. You’ll also allow yourself time to assess your plumbing situation and save some money that’s usually spent on your water bills.

Trap Them
Glue traps are pretty common and they’re relatively inexpensive, they can stop any aptly sized pest in their tracks before they can do damage.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Expert
If you seem to have a situation that is getting out of hand, then it’s probably time to call in the big guys. They’ll have an expert solution and ensure that your home is truly pest free!

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