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Top 3 Luxury Corporate Retreats

The corporate retreat is designed as a way to allow you and your coworkers to bond and further motivate you in your field. However, most suffer from two common problems, they can get awfully boring and awkward. Not all is lost, there are a few luxury corporate retreats out there that make you wonder which creative genius planned your last corporate “hangout”.

MSC Yacht Club
Forget about corporate retreats on land and enjoy the calm ocean breeze as you sail in a ship that can house more 3,000 guests and enjoy private butler service. Does your company need the privacy? These guys can even provide exclusive check-ins so that nobody can access your level and you can delight in the privacy of enjoying your company’s company at sea. Did we mention the fine selection of food and great wines?

Four Seasons Punta Mita
Take the company’s corporate jet out for a spin and travel to Mexico. Apart from the usual five-star experience why not go out for a round of golf whilst waiting for the next item on your itinerary. Feeling like being one with the ocean? Take a dip in the gorgeous private beach that is available to guests or set sail to go whale watching in the hotel’s private vessel of course.
Wine and dine in the hotel’s four restaurants, and enjoy the fabulous Mexican cuisine that they have to offer.

Macal River Camp
If your company still favors nature as the go-to but shuns the idea of being “really out” in the wilderness then the Macal River Camp provides a great alternative. Forget about camping an hour’s drive away and visit Belize. However, this is no ordinary campfire setup and you don’t even have to bring your tent with you, the camp offers beautiful tents that you can stay in that keep all the pesky bugs away. They have a conference center that can accommodate 100 employees and a private pool if you want to take a dip in between meetings.

Sadly, not every company can afford to whisk their employees in private jets and helicopters, but it always makes for a great addition to their wish list. At the end of the day it’s not the place that matters, but the company of people that you are with and experience the whole trip with.

Corporate retreats are a great way to bond with your fellow co-workers and plan for upcoming tasks, they are a great avenue for fostering synergy and development amongst different members. You never know, your next normal corporate retreat in the woods could foster a billion-dollar idea that could whisk everyone away to Belize next year.

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